2021 Flu Vaccination Available now

At Prahran Central Pharmacy, we believe protecting our community's health is the top priority. With a brand new vaccination room, we aim to provide a safe and clean environment to get your vaccinations. Let our trained pharmacists help you keep up to date with your vaccinations.

We are able to administer 

  • influenza vaccine to persons aged 10 years and older

  • pertussis-containing (whooping cough) and measles-mumps-rubella vaccines to persons aged 15 years and older

  • meningococcal ACWY vaccine to persons aged 15 years and older

Call us or come in to enquire about your vaccination needs or book for the flu vaccination online using the link below.

Yearly Flu Vaccination

Protect yourself from the flu by getting your yearly flu vaccination here with us 7 days a week. 
Walk-ins are welcome or book an appointment with us by calling us or clicking on the link below.


COVID-19 vaccination

We are happy to announce that our pharmacy will be providing COVID-19 vaccinations once they roll-out into the community pharmacies. If you have any questions, concerns or uncertainties about the COVID vaccination, call our pharmacy and our pharmacists will be happy to help.