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At Prahran Central Pharmacy, we believe protecting our community's health is the top priority. With a brand new vaccination room, we aim to provide a safe and clean environment to get your vaccinations. Let our trained pharmacists help you keep up to date with your vaccinations.

INFLUENZA (FLU) vaccine - 5 years and older


PERTUSSIS-CONTAINING (whooping cough) vaccines - 12 years and older


MEASLES-MUMS-RUBELLA vaccines - 15 years and older


MENINGOCOCCAL ACWY vaccines - 15 years and older

HUMAN PAPILLOMAVIRUS(HPV) vaccine - 12 years and older

HERPES ZOSTER (SHINGLES) vaccine - 50 years and older

PNEUMOCOCCAL - 50 years and older


MODERNA BIVALENT (OMICRON) COVID-19 BOOSTER vaccines are available for 18 years and older


PFIZER COVID-19 vaccines are available for 12 years and older

NOVAVAX COVID-19 vaccines are available for 12 years and older

*5th dose is only available for people who are immunocompromised

For COVID-19 vaccination eligibilities, please refer to

Please book your appointment using the link below or call us and we will help you organise a time.

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